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Welcome to the U.S. Grower MRL Priority Database

One of the fastest growing trade barriers facing US crop exporters is the differing pesticide maximum residue levels (MRLs) in global markets. This database is designed for U.S. grower and grower groups, and allows them to inform the U.S. government and registrants about their global MRL priorities. Specifically authorized growers are able to add their MRL priorities to the database, which will be accessible to authorized database users. Authorized registrants will then be able to comment upon submitted priorities that are relevant to their products.


Users are reminded that MRLs frequently change and may result in outdated information in the following database. Although this database will be updated periodically, the user accepts that the information herein is only intended to be an initial reference and further understands that there is no assurance that the reference material is error free. The developers of this Maximum Residue Limit Database are not liable for any damages, in whole or in part, caused by or arising in any way from its usage. It is important that information obtained from this database be verified with knowledgeable parties in the market of interest prior to sale or shipment of exports.